About Us

Dynamic Systems Group

The scientific manufacturing enterprise (SME) Dynamic Systems Group formed in 2002. The main activities scope wide range of interests from research studies to for providing consulting services for consoles development and creating of console ports of PC games. Now, our development studio capable of prototyping our gameplay concepts as well as developing full-scale titles and have high-class specialists that have years of experience in game industry and software development.

In the past, the team was involved in to development of Sony PlayStation 1 game (Santa Claus Saves the Earth, 2001), consulting and optimization of several PC games and worked on several PC to PS2 ports. In 2006 the team co-developed music-rhythm title “Rhythm of War” (IGF Mobile 2009 Finalist) for PSP platform with Russian producers company KranX Productions, in 2008 finished “IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey” on Sony PSP platform for (Published by 505 Games / 1C Company).

Our company specializes in porting games between different gaming platforms like Sony PSP, Sony PS3. Apple iOS Devices – iPhone and iPad, Apple MacOS X.

To contact us, please use this e-mail: relations@dynamic-systems-group.com