Hyperballoid HD

Hyperballoid HD is a next-gen brick-breaker arcade game developed by Dynamic Systems with iSquared Games in cooperation with leading casual games publisher Alawar Entertainment. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies to harness the immense power of the PlayStation 3, Dynamic Systems has created an extraordinary arcade experience.

In addition to the standard resolutions, Hyperballoid HD features 1080p high-definition graphics. What’s more, iSquare created two campaigns totaling 100 levels exclusively for the PlayStation 3. In top of that, Hyperballoid HD employs a unique achievements system in which each accomplishment translates into cool awards. Plus, achievement points can be saved on the Playstation Network to demonstrate the player’s superiority. Also, Hyperballoid HD features three difficulty levels tailored for gamers of various skill levels, including novices and experts.

Finally, amazing art and animation, along with a bass-heavy techno soundtrack, will immerse you in the psychedelic world of Hyperballoid HD, even as feedback from the console’s gamepad adds realism to the experience!